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Dry Fruits are popular traditional gift items during festive season in India. During Diwali in Mumbai, Corporate or executive gifts have become a common way for businesses to offer gifts to their employees and other establishments they do business with.

Well then this is the best place to search for a vast collection of impressive and unique Corporate Diwali Gifts. Be it for clients or employees, the offered range of Corporate Gifts offered below have it all coz Health in Every Bite

Premium Dryfruit Boxes

Premium Dryfruit Boxes comes in 7 different type of boxes. They fit all budgets & look fancy. All sizes are in grams.

Premium Dry Fruits Box Collection

Includes: Cashew, Almond, Pista, Fig, Apricot & Raisin

Note: Different Ingredients in Different Boxes.

Sugarfree Metal Boxes

These Boxes are zara hatke. These are the boxes for corporate use, but you can give it to the one’s you LOVE as well. All sizes are in grams.

Delecious Sugarfree Metal Box Collection

Includes: Sugarfree Sweets

The small box of happiness that you give to everyone.

Tempting Chocolates

These Chocolates will bring water in your mouth.

Find Your Ever Loved Chocolates!!!

Find Your Ever Loved Combination!!!

These Boxes are just awesome!!!.

Combination of Dry Fruits, Chocolates & Sugarfree Sweets

Includes: Chocolate Pieces, Cashew, Almond & Sugarfree Sweets

Boxes, Boxes & Boxes

Variety of Cardboard, Handmade & Printed Boxes comes in 37 different type of boxes. They fit all budgets & look fancy. All sizes are in grams.


Includes: Almond, Pista & Raisin

Medium Handmade & Printed Boxes

Includes: Cashew, Almond, Pista & Raisin & much more!~

Wide range of shapes & design to fit your needs.


Includes: A lot more than you would expect!

Decency in style & a sober color combo.

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